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onstage soon: "shapeshifter"

New Musical Theatre Reels!!!

"Modest Maid," written by Marc Blitzstein. Evidently he wrote it for the great Beatrice Lillie but she never performed it. Charlotte Rae recorded it back in the 1950's. One of my favorite audition pieces, because it's one not heard very often.

Another favorite piece...for auditions or just anywhere. This is by the brilliantly talented Jenny Giering & Sean Barry from their musical "Saint Ex."

Big & Small Screens

SpongeBob SquarePants Promo




A surreal yet cautionary tale, this short film  saw me playing two different characters. It's from the amazing mind of Writer/Director/Actor Kelly Polk. Check it out on Vimeo BEFORE it hits the festival circuit!

Amazon's "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel"


Amazon's hit original series "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" is back for a second season this December. Look (and listen) for me when Midge and family head to the Catskills!



I play the religious mother in this  short film exploring issues of homelessness and addiction through the lens of psychological horror. Be a part of helping the film Ruby make a difference! Written and directed by the very talented Brenden Gregory (he directed me in the music video Blend) on this amazing and searing new film (coming soon!)

The Leshiy


Altrac Productions' moody folk tale (coming soon!) was a joy to shoot...and such fun to be a crusty old crone (type casting?).



Got to portray an enigmatic featured  character named Smith in "Horizon," a Columbia MFA short film now in post.

the lost signal society podcast


My first venture into the podcasting world!

This podcast, created by Christa Pagliei and Michael Augustine Dondero, features weird and uncanny stories from a strange radio that emits signals from an alternate-universe New York City. 

I got to play a few amazing characters in this series harkening back to the days when all you needed was a radio and an imagination. 

Check out the website here.

Or, just go ahead and listen on iTunes!


The Wright Path


Coming in March 2019, The Wright Path gave me the opportunity to play Police Lieutenant Nancy Laine, a hard bitten NYC cop. Check out the trailer HERE.

Two of Hearts

Coming soon, a web series from Asha Etchison, "Two of Hearts."

I play a doctor in this web series currently dropping from the creative mind of Asha Etchison.  Episode one is live with Episodes 2 & 3 dropping 11/10, then 4 & 5 on 11/17. Watch it HERE !

Exorsisters Web Series


In this new web series I'm the mother of a nun. Ruby is a sarcastic, sozzled socialite with the maternal instincts of the kind of animals that eat their young. "Exorsisters,"  is on YouTube right now! WATCH HERE  and hit Subscribe for new episodes!

Pay It Death

Py it Forward in Death

Irma is a sweet grandmother...or is she? Check out the web series coming soon to find out!