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Comic Reel

New Musical Theatre Reels!!!

"Modest Maid," written by Marc Blitzstein. Evidently he wrote it for the great Beatrice Lillie but she never performed it. Charlotte Rae recorded it back int he 1950's. One of my favorite audition pieces, because it's one not heard very often.

Another favorite piece...for auditions or just anywhere. This is by the brilliantly talented Jenny Giering & Sean Barry from their musical "Saint Ex."

Pat's Parts (a.k.a. mini clips!)

The grieving mother of a school shooter in the short film, "How Could You Not Know?"

 The Crone in "The Leshiy"

As hard bitten Police Lieutenant Nancy Laine in "The Wright Path"

The Mom in "Mae at the Funeral"

Roberta Smith from "Horizon"

A fatally ill former glamor gal decides to go out on her own terms in "Youth in Asia."

Ruby, the sozzled socialite mom from "Exorsisters."

Beard fanatic ("Beardo"?) from "Man With Beard"

Smarmy PTA President from "Principled"

Maria Alessi from "Future In-Laws"



From the Custom Blend acapella album, "No Filter." 

Solo Lead In to "Sweet Baby James."

The song "First Grade Teacher" from "Crossing Brooklyn" (Music by Jenny Giering/Lyrics by Laura Harrrington)

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