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Patricia M. Lawrence, NYC-Based Actor & Singer

About Me

Mature character actress adept at both comedy and drama. Many years of voice training with a range from alto to coloratura (or as a dear former voice teacher put it, "You, my dear, are a soprano with a very large bottom.").

I act on stage and screen, and have commercial, voice over, and hosting experience (green screen and teleprompter).

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Always ready for a new adventure!

Latest News


I play the religious mother in this  short film exploring issues of homelessness and addiction through the lens of psychological horror. Be a part of helping the film Ruby make a difference!

Two of Hearts

Coming soon, a web series from Asha Etchison, "Two of Hearts."

I play a doctor in the fantasy/thriller web series coming soon from the creative mind of Asha Etchison. 

Pay It Death

Py it Forward in Death

Irma is a sweet grandmother...or is she? Check out the web series coming soon to find out!

The Wright Path

Coming soon, The Wright Path gave me the opportunity to play Police Lieutenant Nancy Laine, a hard bitten NYC cop.

Exorsisters Web Series

In this new web series I'm the mother of a nun. Ruby is a sarcastic, sozzled socialite with the maternal instincts of the kind of animals that eat their young. "Exorsisters,"  is on YouTube right now! WATCH HERE  and hit Subscribe for new episodes!

the lost signal society podcast

My first venture into the podcasting world!

This podcast, created by Christa Pagliei and Michael Augustine Dondero, features weird and uncanny stories from a strange radio that emits signals from an alternate-universe New York City. 

I got to play a few amazing characters in this series harkening back to the days when all you needed was a radio and an imagination. 

Check out the website here.

Or, just go ahead and listen on iTunes!